The Team at Coastal International is here to help you, our pilots get the best out of your Virtual
Flying. Whether it's flying a Cessna 152 around the path or flying a long haul route, we're here
to help you. Send us a message through your message system or our forum.

Martin G. Shultz
In Loving Memory of our CEO

Alex Celis
Chief of Operations

Primary responsibility for the operation of the VA and Website.

Jim Glockner
Director Events and Tour Manager

Responsible for managing tours and special events

Danny McKee
Assistant Director of Operations
Responsible for the Operations of the VA and Saturday's Bush Flight coordinator.

Noel K
Responsible of the HR of the VA

Ron Hamelin
Awards Manager Assistance.

Lars de Jonge
Chief of Design
Responsible for directing the creation of Scenery and object files.

Jerry Ryen
Event Manager
Responsible for Military group ights

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